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Pressure & Gravity Oilers/Sights

Pressure & Gravity Oilers/Sights

Products we offer:

  • Pressure Feed Oilers
  • Gravity Sight Feed Oilers
  • Flow Switches


Pressure Feed Oilers

The Pressure Feed Oiler is a combination of a metering valve and a flow indicator. It is used for the distribution and supply of oil under pressure to the points of use, such as bearings and gears.
It is particularly useful where several lubrication points are served from the same piping manifold.
The oilers can be clustered in easily accessible locations and oil can be piped up to remote or inaccessible points through the discharge tubing.
Gravity Sight Feed Oilers
The Gravity Sight Feed Oiler affords a clear view and specific control of oil flowing by gravity, to a lubrication point. This oiler provides trouble-free service with little or no maintenance required.
Flow Switches

The Flow Switch is designed for a wide range of oil and water flow applications, including Bearing Lube Oil, Gear Box Lube Oil, Machine Tool Coolants, Cooling Water Lines, and Seal Water.  It is available from 1/2" to 2" NPT connection size, handling flows from 2 gpm to 75 gpm. The switch allows a alarm to go off, avoiding low flow from damaging equipment.
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