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About Us

Brown and O’Malley Company is a distributor of Industrial Filtration Products.  Founded in 1969 our goal is to provide high quality products and exceptional customer service.

Our primary focus is on filtration.  We offer an unparalleled knowledge of filtration products and applications that comes with 40+ years of experience.

Located in Northeast Ohio, we carry a large inventory of filter housing and elements commonly used in industry today. From standard size filter bags 1 to 1500 micron, to .03 micron membrane cartridges we have it.

Some of the industries Brown and O'Malley serves are:

  • Paints and Coatings, 
  • Adhesives, 
  • Chemicals, 
  • Roll Coaters, 
  • Parts Washers, 
  • Basic Steel and Converters, 
  • Automotive, 
  • Refineries, 
  • Petroleum, 
  • Oil Reclamation,
  • and many others.

We look forward to the opportunity to assist you with your filtration needs. 

Please call us today at 800-536-3755 with your requirements.





Need Replacement parts for:

  • AFFco
  • SoClean
  • GAF
  • Keene-Bowser

Let Brown & O'Malley help you get those hard to find replacement filter systems, parts, and elements for your AFFco, SoClean, GAF or Keene-Bowser filtration systems!