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Filtration Systems

Compressed Air Filtration

Products we offer:

  • Turbine Oil Conditioning Systems
  • Diesel Fuel Filtration Systems
  • Gear Oil Filtration Systems
  • Portable and Stationary Oil Filtration Systems 

Turbine Oil Conditioning Systems

Turbine Oil conditioning systems quickly and efficiently remove harmful water, particulates, and other contaminants from turbine lubrication oils.  Scaled to address the specific needs of both large and small facilities, these systems bring predictability to your maintenance schedules, enhance long-term equipment operation, and significantly reduce the likelihood of equipment failures or unscheduled maintenance.
They can handle flows from 1 to 100 gpm, for reservoirs over 7,200 gallons. Removes particulate down to an ISO 16/14/11 Cleanliness Code & Water to a Content of 100 ppm or less.  
Diesel Fuel Filtration Systems

Our Water in diesel fuel is the primary cause of failure.  An effective fuel/water separator eliminates the potential for engine failure due to water contamination.  Fuel/Water Separators can help meet the requirements for cleaner fuel.
Whether the application requires in-line fuel filtration during transfer or off-line fuel filtration
of a fuel tank.   These systems can effectively remove water down to 50 ppm total water, with an
influent of 5,000 ppm or less.
Gear Oil Filtration Systems

Our gear oil filtration system provides versatility with its rugged, compact, and lightweight design. Gearbox protection is supplied in a minimal size envelope by allowing the unit to be mounted above the floor, eliminating the need for additional floor space.  Elements are available for both particulate or water removal.
This system supports long-term operation and significantly reduces the probability of oil related failures or unscheduled maintenance due to contaminated gear oil. They will reduce mechanical failures, gearbox unavailability, and excessive maintenance costs. 
Portable and Stationary Oil Filtration Systems

Our Oil Filtration Systems offer complete solutions for specific filtration and separation requirements including portable and stationary systems that remove water and particulate from oil.
They are capable of flows from 1 to 30 gpm.

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Need Replacement parts for:

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