Our New Industrial Air Dryer System Now Includes The Blast Pak Portable Dryer System 

Brown & O’Malley Adds to Line of Industrial Air Dryer Products

Leading supplier of industrial filtration systems, Brown & O’Malley offers several of the industry’s leading industrial air dryer systems. The company’s enhanced selection now includes the Blast Pak portable dryer system from manufacturers Van Air, which have been designed to allow maximum drying portability for use within a large industrial site.

Large industrial organizations often have a need for high-efficiency drying with multiple areas of their plants. The Blast Pak solution from the expert engineers at Van Air is considered the requisite product for blasting contractors and those organizations that must eliminate moisture from a substrate. Within such applications, moisture from the air can clog blasting pots and then can compromise the quality of the blasting substrate. Once the moisture arrives on the surface of the product, rusting can occur. This then requires companies to spend money replacing rusted systems. To eliminate this issue, they utilizeindustrial air dryer products, such as the Blast Pak – now available through Brown & O’Malley.

The Blast Park product operates by cutting the humidity from compressed air utilizing the Van Air desiccant – Dry-O-Lite. It then utilizes air filter to trap, fine particulate matter suspended within the air flow. This ensures that the blasting contractor achieves cool, dry and compressed air that ensures superior drying ability with zero machine downtown. It’s the ideal system for the productivity-focused industrial manufacturing firm and it’s now available through Brown & O’Malley.

To learn more, please contact the team at Brown & O’Malley directly or visit their business website atwww.brownandmalley.com.

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