Brown & O’Malley Now the Industry’s Trusted Suppliers of Industrial Water Filter Products from Shelco Filters

N. Royalton, OH-based experts for industrial water filtration systems, Brown & O’Malley have recently announced an expansion of their widely accredited product-line. The company’s updated inventory now includes a broad range of industrial water filter solutions from the team at Shelco Filters. This expansion includes the MicroSentry™ SS Series stainless steel filter cartridges, which are designed to offer seamless filtration of wastewater, as well as corrosive liquids and gases.

Industrial processing firms across the U.S. spend millions of dollars each year on machine maintenance. One of the largest maintenance challenges these organizations face is contaminants such as dirt entering their system and causing inefficiencies in their operations. With the high costs of maintenance, many firms are now seeking out improved filtration technology that will help them streamline their machining processes and prevent costly periods of equipment downtime. Brown & O’Malley are one of the industry’s leaders for filtration technology. 

The Shelco Filters MicroSentry™ SS Series filter cartridges, now available through Brown & O’Malley, set the standard for cross-compatibility with a range of fluids. They’re built for 2 to 840 microns ratings, to ensure adaptation to environments that require fine filtration as well as those that require complex contaminant straining. This means that a wide variety of companies can capitalize on the inherent mechanical strength supported by the Sheco Filters-manufactured solutions. Considered ideal for high temperature applications up-to 500°F, the SS Series are also cleanable and re-usable, which ensures long lasting cost-effectiveness in down the road.

To learn more about the latest range of industrial water filter solutions now available through Brown & O’Malley, please contact the company directly today.

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