Brown & O’Malley Offer Micron Filter Bag Products from Pentair Industrial

Industry specialists for industrial filtration systems, Brown & O’Malley have just announced that the company will now offer a new range of micron filter bag solutions from the manufacturers at Pentair Industrial. The new selection of Pentair Industrial products features their customizable liquid filter bags, which are designed to offer ease of installation and removal through the use of a heavy-duty product handle.

Industrial organizations require their equipment to perform effectively in the long-term in order to compete within an increasingly globalized marketplace. This is a challenge for organizations whose equipment suffers from poor performance due to dirt contamination. And so firms are now reviewing the equipment marketplace for micron filter bag technology that offers superior processing strength while eliminating the possibility of contaminant bypass. The latest available solutions in the Brown & O’Malley catalogue set the standard within this thriving marketplace.

The new line of Pentair products available through Brown & O’Malley includes the company’s expertly designed liquid filter bags. One of the leading operational advantages of the company’s filter bags is that they offer multi-layered filtration that enables firms to achieve a greater amount of time between filter change-outs and enhanced dirt-holding capabilities within their systems. And because the company’s bags fit all industry-standard housing, firms can consolidate their new equipment expenditures when they select these latest products available through Brown & O’Malley.

To learn more about the new filtration systems available in the Brown & O’Malley catalogue, pleasecontact the company directly today.

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