Brown & O’Malley Now Offer the Latest Industrial Air Dryer Products from AIR/TAK 

N. Royalton, OH-based experts for a range of industrial filtration and drying products, Brown & O’Malley have announced that they’re now offering a new range of industrial air dryer systems. The company’s latest industrial air dryer solutions now include the AIR/TAK SD Series refrigerated air dryers, which have become a leading choice for organizations looking to conserve energy costs for their industrial drying applications.

Within industrial environments, wet compressed air can have a detrimental effect on machine performance. Equipment such as tools and controls can suffer lasting downtime as a result of moisture intrusion within an industrial system. That’s why the leading manufacturers are now turning to high efficiency air dryers to help remove the moisture from their systems before it can impact company productivity. The line of industrial air dryer products now available through Brown & O’Malley stands out in terms of industry-leading performance.

The AIR/TAK SD Series refrigerated air dryers are designed to dry air at small flow rates.  Each system features heavy-duty heat exchangers that are engineered to offer lasting performance while ensuring optimal moisture removal.  In addition, the SD Series air dryers are uniquely equipped to ensure a limited number of pressure drops, thereby providing consistently high performance for companies that are scaling-up their growth targets for 2014. It’s the leading class industrial drying solution to meet the needs of today’s small local plant.

To learn more on the full range of air dryer products now available through Brown & O’Malley, please contact their company headquarters directly.

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