Brown & O’Malley Now Offering Wide Range of Y, Simplex, and Duplex Industrial Strainers

N. Royalton, OH-based industry leaders for filtration products, Brown & O’Malley have announced they are offering their clients a comprehensive new range of industrial duplex strainers from leading manufacturers such as Eaton.  Now included within the Brown & O’Malley selection are products such as the Eaton Duplex Basket Strainers, which are designed to be utilized for continuous filtration and never have to be shut down in order to undergo maintenance. Brown & O’Malley now offers the complete range of Eaton Duplex Basket Strainers, each designed to resolve specific pipeline and filtration challenges.

One of the challenges for today’s leading industrial companies is maintaining productivity standards while committing to a regular maintenance schedule. The downtime required for comprehensive cleaning of most pipeline strainers means that companies often suffer significant losses throughout their production cycle to maintain equipment. It’s for this reason that many proactive industrial firms are now sourcing solutions such as the Eaton Duplex Basket Strainers, now offered through Brown & O’Malley.

The Eaton Duplex Basket Strainers feature two separate chambers that operate independently of one another. When one requires cleaning, firms can switch the pipeline flow to the other chamber to retain optimal performance of their equipment. An example of the strainers now available within this selection is the Eaton Model 50 Plug Type Duplex Strainer, which features quick opening swing-away yoke design covers to ensure seamless access to the equipment during maintenance operations. The Eaton Model 50 Plug Type Duplex Strainer also includes large capacity baskets designed to meet the rugged performance standards expected by today’s leading firms.

To learn more on the full range of equipment now offered through Brown & O’Malley, please contact the company directly.

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