Brown & O’Malley Introduces New Line of Industrial Strainer Options from Mueller Steam Specialty

North Royalton, OH-based industrial filtration experts Brown & O’Malley are now offering the latest line of industrial strainer options from the team at Mueller Steam Specialty. Included within the company’s latest product suite is the 691MFA Cast Iron Large Duplex Strainers, which are designed for fluid handling applications in which the flow of liquid cannot be shut down during maintenance and cleaning operations. Brown & O’Malley’s latest suite will ensure that organizations have direct access to the latest strainer products for their broad range of industrial needs.

When searching for the latest components for their industrial filtration applications, today’s plant owners require solutions that have been designed to meet rigid performance standards for specific working demands. This means they’re searching for the highest quality filtration products that that have achieved comprehensive and positive testing results. It’s the reason many specialists trust the solutions offered through Brown & O’Malley.

Brown & O’Malley’s latest selection of industrial strainer products includes the next-generation solutions from Mueller Steam Specialty. Mueller Steam Specialty’s 691MFA Cast Iron Duplex Strainers feature a single shaft drive that operates both diverter valves. The baskets integrated within the strainers are gasketed and seated to prevent particle bypass around the basket area, and ensure optimal filtration. Another leading advantage of the 691MFA Cast Iron Duplex Strainers is that they feature large, open area ratios, which help minimize the pressure drop within the system during operation. It’s the leading-class straining solution for high level filtration efficiency.

To learn more about the latest industrial straining equipment now available through Brown & O’Malley, please contact the company directly or visit their business website

Industrial Strainer Products from Hayward Strainers 

North Royalton, Ohio-based Brown & O’Malley is now offering many of the leading industrial strainer products on the market. The company’s latest selections, which includes cutting-edge equipment from Hayward Strainers (now owned by Eaton Filtration) and Mueller Stream Specialty, will enable firms to protect their vital infrastructure against the damage caused by solids within their machining lines.

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