Industrial Companies Trust Brown & O’Malley from Filter Cartridge Products that Provide Seamless Low Level Micron Filtration

Brown & O’Malley has just announced that they’ve recently updated their product catalogue with high performance micron filter cartridge products from two of the industry’s most trusted manufacturers. The North Royalton, Ohio-based firm will now provide clients with the latest filter solutions from Graver Technologies and Pentair Industrial.  These two thriving business relationships will help enhance Brown & O’Malley’s reputation for offering best-in-class filtration components.

Within industrial processing facilities, equipment can quickly become lined with dirt and other contaminants present within the machining process. Over-time this build-up can begin to affect the quality of the product produced on their machine lines.  And so firms are now searching for high quality micron-level filter cartridge products that will help remove contaminants from their systems and improve overall in-house productivity.  Across Ohio, Brown & O’Malley is known as the leading distributor of brand-name filtration systems and components. The company’s new product additions are now set to further their industry-wide reputation for excellence.

An example of the latest products available through the organization is Graver Technologies’ QMA™ Series Filter Cartridges. These high performance products are designed to provide absolute 99.98% filtration efficiency and remove contaminants from the 0.2 to 20 micron level. This means that they’re designed to meet the demands of a range of industrial applications.  And the fixed pore construction of the products ensures QMA™ Series Filters resist dirt unloading at maximum differential pressure. This is just one of the many examples of new products available now through the team at Brown & O’Malley.

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