Cost-Effective 720 GPM Filter Vessel Equipment Now Available Through Brown & O’Malley

Leading Northeast Ohio based distributor of industrial filtration systems, Brown & O’Malley has just announced the introduction of several new high capacity (720 GPM) filter vessel products to their company catalogue. The company’s increased collection empowers customers with a greater range of choices for their unique filtering applications.

Filter vessels are designed to make fluid lines more productive and effective in the long term. For companies to ensure a streamlined liquid filtration process, however, they must select the ideal filter vessel for their unique application demands. As the technology evolves, manufacturers demand higher levels of filtration for their processes. And so filtration system manufacturers are now offering several leading-class filter vessel systems that offer high capacity (720 GPM) liquid filtration.

Brown & O’Malley has become a trusted leader within the filtration system distribution field. And that’s why top systems manufacturers have now selected the company as a supplier of their latest innovations. To better serve their clients across the US marketplace, the company is now offering the latest liquid filtration products from manufacturers such as Shelco Filters, Filter Solutions, Filter Technology and Eaton Filtration.  Companies in the research and procurement phase of their equipment search can now turn to Brown & O’Malley for a great range of filtration systems, including single and multi-bag vessels, ASME-code stamped vessels and custom-sized bags to suit their unique in-house filtration parameters.

High performance filtration work begins with Brown & O’Malley. Contact the company directly today to learn more about the latest additions to their line of filtration systems or visit their business website to review their entire product range.

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