Brown & O’Malley Support Beta 5000 Rating Applications with Latest Micron Filter Cartridge Options

North Royalton, OH-experts for industrial filtration products, Brown & O’Malley have just announced that they’re now offering a complete range of micron filter cartridge products for beta 5000 rating applications. Included within the company’s latest products suite is the Pureflex™ Series HEPP cartridges from Pentair Industrial. These high efficiency cartridges are designed to support cost-effective and reliable filtration for a broad range of beta 5000 rating applications within the modern industrial environment.

Beta 5000 applications require a level of filtration of greater than 99.98%. Micron filter cartridge products used within these applications must have a superior capacity for dirt retention and utilize a state-of-the-art sealing system to prevent contamination. There are few companies within the industry that excel within this area of industrial filtration. But the team at Brown & O’Malley is now working with manufacturers across the marketplace to bring standout systems to their clientele.

A leading choice for all beta 5000 rating applications is the Pureflex™ Series HEPP cartridges from Pentair Industrial. Each of these high efficiency cartridges is constructed using polypropylene materials to ensure chemical compatibility for application such as cosmetics, chemicals, medical and pharmaceuticals manufacturing. The product’s performance level is derived from the use of a single piece cage and core construction, which is sealed using a thermal bonding process that helps mitigate instances of filter contamination. And the Pureflex™ Series HEPP cartridges’ durability means they offer exceptional return on investment for companies of all sizes.

To learn more on the benefits of the Pureflex™ Series HEPP cartridges, please contact the team at Brown & O’Malley directly today or visit their business website at



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